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Slow Fashion //: 

         1. A movement rejecting the fashion industry's current wasteful model of cyclical built-in obsolescence, mass produced mass collections and  torpedo of trend seasonality. 

         2. A focus back towards artisanal and sustainable means of production, craftsmanship and transparency, and away from artificially created brand identities based solely on image.

This is [IM]MATERIALS, a blog that acts as a thought catalogue on fashion, culture, and style through wide sectioned looks at different stages of its evolution throughout history, tracing its meaning, its subcultures and the many disruptors we call artists and style icons.


Fashion is more than just clothes: it’s a reflection of the world from which it appropriates meaning; a tangible, visual expression of our underlying beliefs, values and morals. Fashion is a social and political vehicle – subcultures were spawned because of a real, lived lifestyle that embodied an ideology that countered the mass, encompassing choices which cemented pulsating identities full of life and purpose. Yet over time the authenticity has fallen prey to filling large profit margins, and the global cult of image has superseded what lent the fashion industry its magic in the first place. The lived experience was swapped in for mindless consumption, the speed with which we bought into overpriced logos and slipped into illusory identities fading into a mere after thought. Talent and technique have lost to superficiality, built in-obsolescence and yes-sayers.


In this blog, style has a soul. It moves, it evolves, and most of all, it isn’t fazed. Alternative reusing, restyling and solitary vintage gems combine to create a story embedded in experiences.


The aim is to give a voice to independent thought in fashion through a real, uncensored look at the many facets that make the fashion industry so seductive.

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