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  • Chantal Brocca

18 Directions

A Collection of Photographic Works

Molecule and Immaterials present a collection of works combining some of Dubai’s most notable, as well as underrated photographers. Free from commercial constraints, the exhibition aims to shed a light on the multitude of perspectives and minute differences that distinguish one artist’s reality from another – the eye beyond the camera.

With single submissions from each artist gathered into one room, we see that the way we conceptualize and relativize the world around us begins with what we see and choose to frame. A room is not the same room to everyone that enters it.

Underlying the project is a simple truth about photography that is sometimes overlooked in the current era of mass content creation - that its enduring importance lies beyond the purely aesthetic, in its ability to convey more than just an image, capturing and conveying moments that express unique ideas that enhance our collective understanding of the human experience. Reality is only a frame of mind.

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