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  • Chantal Brocca

Fashion Politics at Amity University

The State of Fashion Journalism

A lecture held at Amity University, May 20th, 2018

The lecture served as a theoretical and practical introduction into the topic of fashion journalism, serving as a basis to convey its importance in preserving prevailing narratives within the industry and bringing into discussion questions on independent journalism, censorship and power structures.

Based on the article Checkmate or Check Out: A Game of Fashion Politics

Lecture points

  • Provide attendees with an introduction to the topic of fashion journalism

  • Provide an unbiased, concrete view of the current state of the fashion media as well as approaching the topic of independent journalism and what this means for consumers of information at large

  • Provide an initial understanding of power structures within the industry, opening up discussions on the subject of power within the context of human nature

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