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  • Chantal Brocca

Re-Mind X Barbary Dxb


Re-Mind was a non for profit event held at Barbary Deli + Cocktail Club aimed at raising awareness of the devastating global, environmental and ethical damage caused by fast fashion's industrial practices in line with the discussions taking place in all the major fashion capitals and universities, in collaboration with Fashion Revolution UAE.

Acting as the first in a series of sustainable fashion related events organized during the week of Fashion Revolution 2018, from April 22nd - 28th, Re-Mind was an important first step in engaging the retail sector of Dubai in discussing sustainability in line with UAE Vision 2021, pioneering an innovative edutainment gallery based on an immersive, authentic 70's theme in order to engage a wider audience and spark a local discussion on conscious consumerism and the future of the industry.

Littered amongst late 60s and early 70s memorabilia, posters, hanging vinyl covers and printed photographs gathered from vintage and thrift markets all over Europe, sections of Barbary were assigned to showcase thought provoking insight into current dilemmas and conflicts that arise out of our modern fashion industry structure centering on the following discourses, among others:

-Environmental damage (water consumption, fabric dye toxicity, landfills)

-Ethics of production, ethics in handling personnel and communication to consumer

-Shift from product focus to image focus to the detriment of the final consumer and historic definitions of luxury and craftsmanship

-Consumerist lifestyles fed by the fashion images

-The disappearance of real subcultures that once acted as muse to the industry

Event Poster Gallery:

All graphic design by @chantalbrocca

Event Images:

Images by @deadlive_r

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