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  • Chantal Brocca

Neck Deep

Published on Sticks and Stones Agency

A society neck deep in overconsumption and escapism spawns a culture of dress up and the birth of cheap opulence. The loud, ostentatious and mismatched, portrayed exaggeratedly not long ago in the 90's to depict the low brow and tacky, is now not only exquisitely on trend, but also synonymous with the chic, the aspirational and the elegant. More is more and good taste is public property. But in this movement for equality, is the new neo euro trash aesthetic playing out narratives of identity and inclusion or have the clothes themselves become the subject? 

Concept, styling and model: Chantal Brocca | @chantalbrocca


Samira Homerang | @samiralamemes

Stavros Antypas | @stav.jpeg

Zahra S. Hasby | @kunoi_chi

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