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  • Chantal Brocca

Panel Discussion on the Circular Economy


Experts in the industries of fashion waste management come together to attempt to answer the question: How can fashion embrace the circular economy?


Anita Nouri - Founding Partner and CEO of Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC, an award winning Dubai based waste management company that supports the development of sustainable waste management and landfill gas projects in the region since 2011.

Kris Barber - With over 25 years of experience in establishing supply chains and developing some of the best known brands and product lines, Kris went on to establish D-Grade, a manufacturing company that produces eco-friendly clothing made from recycled fabric and plastic using a unique, innovative process derived from 7 years of extensive R&D in yard technology that uses 50% less energy, 20% less water and produces 55% less carbon emissions.

Ayesha Siddequa - Founder and creative director of Future Fashion, an ethical fashion platform, Ayesha is a Corporate Social Responsibility professional, consultant, and sustainable fashion design activist, taking up the mantle of UAE Ambassador and Coordinator of the global sustainable fashion movement Fashion Revolution.

Moderated by Petar Stojanov

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